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Enabling the Workforce for Today's Complex Environment

30 June 2020

"We are living the future faster than expected.” GENPACT CEO “TIGER” TYAGARAJAN 

Businesses have spent the last few months responding to the effects of COVID-19. Almost every company has faced an interruption of business-as-usual. Many industries are severely hit by plummeting demand, and others are forced to quickly ramp up their capabilities. Consumer behaviours are changing and are expected to change even more. An Ernst & Young report found that 64% of households they surveyed are only buying essentials. Business is more volatile and unpredictable than ever.

The exponential growth of change that was predicted just yesterday is here today, accelerated even further by the global pandemic.

“We've been living through a journey of the future of work for some years now with digital transformation at center stage for enterprises,” says Genpact CEO “Tiger” Tyagarajan. “The past 100 days have compressed that five-year journey to 12 to 18 months.”

“We’re seeing an acceleration of the future.” - HONEYWELL CONNECTED ENTERPRISE CEO QUE DALLARA

For many in the workforce, it's happening too quickly

As organisations, we find ourselves in what was coined not too long ago as the “Future of Work,” a world of distributed work, virtual teams, and remote collaboration. 

For many in the workforce, it happened all too quickly. Abrupt shifts in work arrangements left many workers scrambling to adjust, to implement new routines, learn new technologies, and manage family and work at the same time and in the same space. 

The result is a workforce overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. 

The workforce needs the skills and mindsets to move forward

But there is no going “back to normal” and the workforce needs to learn how to take this forward. Constantly adjusting and transforming the way we work is the new normal. And this new normal requires us to be agile, innovative, able to respond to change. 

The workforce needs to develop skills and mindsets to thrive and adapt to the ever-transforming nature of work, to succeed in an environment of constant, accelerating change.


Equipping Leaders and Managers

ROHEI - What Leaders and Managers Need


Developing the ability to lead change with courage, care, and clarity

Our upcoming programmes for leaders are designed to help leaders and managers develop the ability to lead change with courage, care, and clarity. We help them develop keen foresight through the ability to stay open to a larger reality. We introduce a sense-making tool to make better decisions, and help leaders apply the skill of listening fully and asking powerful questions to gain clarity, and respond with care.

Because it is people who tend to make or break the change initiative, what a leader or manager needs to lead in today’s climate are the mindset, skillset, and heartset of a coach. To engage teams effectively while adapting to the times, leaders will be equipped to motivate, engage, and connect with their teams on a remote platform.

They will learn to employ communication techniques to empower their team to achieve organisational goals, and stay resilient and buoyant amidst changing circumstances.

Learn about our coaching approach that helps prepare managers for change and crisis.


Equipping Executives

ROHEI - What Executives Need


Developing resilience and managing stress

Our upcoming programmes for executives are designed to help PMETs recognise and manage the impact of change on themselves and others. They will be able to develop resilience and better manage the increased stress from adjusting to the new normal. Their effectiveness in working remotely will be increased as they learn to build trust, collaboration and connection.


Developing confidence for online collaboration

We equip executives to be confident in using online collaborative tools and be vigilant against cyber risks and threats while working online. We give them the knowledge to make sense of data and technology, and the strategies to learn faster.

We help the workforce develop learning agility and digital confidence through the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme via remote learning. 

Sign up for an online preview for the SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace programme.


Enable Your Team

Learn more about equipping people managers and staff to thrive in a rapidly shifting landscape.




ROHEI Learning & Consulting

ROHEI Learning & Consulting

We are a learning and consulting partner in building a culture of trust where people and results are honoured. We develop trusted and relationally competent leaders and help organisations navigate the people aspect of their change journeys.