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An online preview of ROHEI’s solutions for equipping people managers to lead effectively in this change environment


Join the Preview

People managers need to level up in order to effectively lead in these times of constant and rapid change. They need to be able to implement change in a complex environment whilst ensuring trust and engagement. This requires leaders who are resilient and who lead with the right mindset.

ROHEI has developed two new programmes designed to equip people managers to lead successfully through change:

1. Leading in Change with Courage, Care, and Clarity

This programme addresses managers’ critical role in driving and managing change while ensuring engagement and trust. It helps managers to build personal and team resilience, and better engage and connect with virtual teams in a VUCA environment.

Learn more about this programme here.


2. Effective Coaching Skills of a Relatable Manager 

This programme helps people managers to draw out the best in their teams by equipping them with the mindset, skillset and heartset of a coach.

Learn more about this programme here.

Join us for a two-hour preview event and learn about ROHEI’s remote learning solutions and approach, designed to develop leaders to be more effective in this new environment.


Who should attend this preview  

People managers, learning and development practitioners who are responsible for acquiring training programmes to develop their leaders.

What you will take away

  • How ROHEI's programmes can equip people managers to lead effectively in change
  • Experience ROHEI's unique approach to engaging learners remotely
  • Funding availability for SG/PR and absentee payroll

Reserve your Preview slot

To sign-up for the preview, fill in your particulars and we will contact you for scheduling and delivery details of your learning parcel as well as video conference link.