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An Online Preview: Equipping PMETs for High Performance Amidst Change


Join the Preview

Today's teams are facing increasing challenges and demands of working in a rapidly changing digital world.

 Equip your staff with the mindset, heartset, and skillset to thrive in this environment of change.

When staff are well-equipped, they are able to perform and collaborate effectively in the virtual world, perform at their best, energised and fulfilled.

Join us for a preview session. Experience ROHEI's transformative learning approach and see how we equip teams to adapt to today's challenges and perform at their optimum.


What the Preview will Feature


1. SkillsFuture for Digital Workplace for PMETs

Empower PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Technicians) to proactively build digital foundations and gain confidence in working with new technologies, to learn faster and move at the speed of change, and to perform at their best.

Learn more about this programme here.


2. Building Resilience and Wellness in Virtual Teams

Help PMETs learn to recalibrate and equip themselves with concrete steps to build their resilience, as well as to learn practical strategies to connect and collaborate effectively in virtual teams, and successfully engage stakeholders on remote platforms.

Learn more about this programme here.



Preview Testimonials

“After going through this, I am actually quite hopeful that my organisation can move forward in this new way.” 

SIOK HUI TAN, L&D MANAGER, Conrad Centennial Singapore

Yellow Line-02

"The session was relevant and I can see it being applied back to the workplace (for example, the need to be agile). Also, everything was well-thought-of, from the articles shared with us to the Learning Parcel we received."

TING TING KOH, School Staff Developer


Who should attend this preview  

People managers, learning and development practitioners who are responsible for acquiring training programmes to help their teams and organisations through transition to remote working and collaboration.

What you will take away

  • How ROHEI's SFDW 12-hr programme develops PMETs to learn at speed and develop skills to work and engage remotely
  • How Building Resilience and Wellness in Virtual Teams helps PMETs recalibrate and develop new skills   
  • Experience ROHEI's unique approach to engaging learners remotely
  • Funding availability for SG/PR and absentee payroll

Reserve your Preview slot

To sign-up for the preview, fill in your particulars and we will contact you for scheduling and delivery details of your learning parcel as well as video conference link. 



ROHEI SFDW in the Press


UOB’s PCP and ROHEI’s SFDW programme were featured in Mediacorp Channel 8 Work from the Heart docu-drama series. View on Toggle here.


Logo_STWe are among the first 7 training providers commissioned by SkillsFuture Singapore for SFDW. Read the StraitsTimes article.


ROHEI's partnership with UOB with SFDW as part of the Professional Conversion Programme for bank staff. Read the Business Times article.