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Covid-19 Advisory

Updated 28th April 2022

We are pleased to welcome you back to our learning spaces!

At ROHEI, we consider the health and well-being of our clients, learners and staff to be of utmost importance. We strive each day to ensure that precautionary measures are adhered to in order for clients, learners and staff to have a truly safe and meaningful experience.

Under the current advisory guidelines, we are able to provide face-to-face training for selected programmes in addition to remote learning. 

Our remote learning experiences are designed to be as engaging and effective as our face-to-face programmes. It is synchronous and applies a multi-modal learning design giving way for peer discussions and skills practice with cognitive, emotive, and even tactile elements. Read more here.

Guidelines on face-to-face trainings in our learning spaces:

Before your arrival

  • Cleaning of surfaces and disinfection of the premises are carried out twice daily
  • Hand sanitisers have been made available in all access points and public areas

When you arrive

  • Seating arrangements should be followed
  • Learners who are found to be unwell or are showing flu-like symptoms will receive assistance to reschedule their learning sessions to another date. 

During learning sessions

  • Trainers, learners and staff will be required to wear face masks at all times. 
  • Safe Distancing is encouraged between learners at all times.
  • Learners and staff are encouraged to practise frequent hand washing throughout the day and wipe down tables or equipment after every use.

We are monitoring the situation closely and are regularly updating our measures as the need arises.

For the latest updates on Covid-19, visit the Singapore Ministry of Health website.