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Team Building

Our niche in team building

Stimulating new levels of interaction and collaboration, these are some of the learning experiences we have specially designed to develop an awareness of team dynamics and the power of team synergy. Learners come to understand and appreciate each others’ strengths and what it means to succeed as an entire organisation.

Powerful, outcome focused modules designed to engage learners and deliver key learning outcomes

The Hunt

An exciting ‘Survivor-feel’ experience in which participants are challenged to locate a hidden treasure. They discover the nuances of workplace interactions and collaboration while learning about teamwork. They learn how giving is important for any organisation to succeed. They experience the value of intra-and inter-department teamwork: in order to win, everyone has to win.

The Hunt
The Hunt 1
The Hunt 2

The Swamp

Participants work as one large team in this activity, collaborating against the clock to ensure that they meet the team goal. A key debrief in this process is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where working in synergy, we are far more impactful and can achieve more than as a group of individual moving parts.

The Swamp
The Swamp
The Swamp

Team Gourmet

Participants begin this sensory experience by working in small groups with pre-assigned ingredients on a gourmet challenge to create their own unique dishes based on the unique dietary needs of the clients they are hosting. This learning station is designed to emphasise the importance of knowing and understanding our clients to better serve them.

Team Gourmet
Team Gourmet
Team Gourmet


A highly competitive fishing game—participants work in teams with the objective of catching the most fish within the given constraints. The challenge brings to life different components of effective team dynamics. As time pressure builds up the tension and excitement, they are forced to take on different roles on the fly, improvise, and do what it takes to achieve a harvest worthy of a high-performing team.

Hooked 1
Hooked 2

Our Co-creation Design Process

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Share your
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Contextualize learning
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