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    Our niche in service excellence

    Consumers have increasingly higher expectations of the level of service that they receive from those that serve them. Service excellence is a key differentiator that will allow organisations to strengthen their customer base and brand. These are some of the learning experiences that we have crafted to develop empathic listening and a greater awareness of customer needs. Participants will see greater value in their role as service professionals and develop key skills to provide an exceptional service experience.

    Powerful, outcome focused modules designed to engage learners and deliver key learning outcomes

    Man in the Desert

    Through a fun game, participants utilise creative reasoning as they learn about the 5 basic needs of a person and how these can be used to create a positive experience in working with and/or serving others. Participants are handed sets of cards that are to be of help in a given scenario. They then craft creative ways their solution will meet the given need.

    Man in the Desert
    Man in the Desert 1
    Man in the Desert 2

    Work Desk Workout

    Four workdesks are decked with specially prepared artifacts representing four colleagues from different generations and participants are tasked to identify the profiles represented. Through the activity, they gain awareness of the characteristics, strengths, and motivators of the different generations from Baby Boomers to Generation Z and their various cultural nuances. They discover more about diversity at the workplace and discuss how to best adapt to generations and cultures for successful interactions.

    Work Desk Workout 1
    Work Desk Workout 2


    Whodunit? is an interactive boardgame introducing participants to possible causes of service gaps. Participants explore different contributing factors of service gaps—organisational, employee, and customer—and see examples on how preventive and redemptive recovery strategies were used to address the factors.

    Whodunit? 1
    Whodunit? 2

    Service Safari

    Teams are sent out to 1-2 preassigned service providers to 'step into the shoes of a customer' and note down their observations, thoughts and feelings during their whole customer journey. This experience then forms the raw data with which participants will map out a comprehensive Customer Journey Map.

    Service Safari 1
    Service Safari 2

    Service Professional

    Designed for service professionals, participants learn the value of their role. The session begins with a challenge to complete a few time-based tasks. While executing the tasks, participants will experience differing levels of service and come to understand the impact that service professionals make on customers.

    Service Professional
    Service Professional 1
    Service Professional 2

    The Big Leagues

    In their bid to win a foosball competition, participants will understand the traits that make a work professional and a professional's critical role in the service value chain.

    The Big Leagues

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