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Leadership Development

Our niche in leadership development

Effective leadership is crucial to organisational success, particularly in the current climate of accelerating change. These are some of the learning experiences that we have developed to challenge existing perceptions, highlight empathy, and develop a mindset of placing people over process. Leaders will learn how to build trust and be relationally competent.

Powerful, outcome focused modules designed to engage learners and deliver key learning outcomes

Ties that Bind

The team is given a mission to disentangle a selected group of people. The situation allows participants to think and understand from the perspective of other stakeholders. They learn to relate to teammates and customers better by experiencing what it means to put people before process.

Ties that Bind 1
Ties that Bind 2
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The Real8Ability Factors

Participants learn and practise the Real8Ability Factors: 8 principles that have been proven to transform relationships. The Real8Ability Factors are a powerful and practical way to apply relational leadership principles.

Real8Ability Factors 1
Real8Ability Factors 2
Real8Ability Factors 3

Feedback is a Gift

Through a sensitively crafted feedback process, participants will learn how they can give and receive both appreciative and developmental feedback that serves to build team bonds and improve team communication.

Feedback is a Gift 1
Feedback is a Gift 2
Feedback is a Gift 3

Manage Me

As old toys and rusty gadgets trigger childhood memories, learners journey back to their childhood to identify the source of negative experiences. They then learn how to overcome mental and emotional blocks, move forward, and respond positively to future challenges. Manage Me unlocks the key to self-management and self-awareness—key components of Emotional Intelligence that are essential to effective leadership and relationship management at the workplace.

Manage Me 1
Manage Me 2
Manage Me 3

Courageous Conversations

A 10-step process to resolve difficult relational issues. Leaders learn to ask the right questions, and facilitate the uncomfortable but necessary conversations to reach a healthy resolution and achieve breakthrough.

Courageous Conversations 1
Courageous Conversations 2
Courageous Conversations 3

Our Co-creation Design Process

Schedule  a consultation

a consultation

Contact us to schedule a chat. We can arrange meet over the phone, video-conference or face-to-face.

Share your business needs

Share your
business needs

Share with our consultants the desired business outcomes or the pain points you would like to address. We will help you get clear about the learning focus.

Curate a first-cut programme

Curate a first-cut

We will work with you to create a programme based on over 60+ developed Learning Experiences, to ensure your learning outcomes can be met in the most engaging way.

Contextualize learning to your business

Contextualize learning
to your business

Our team can contextualise the learning to your industry. We will study your business issues and design a programme that addresses your needs.