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Culture Building

Our niche in culture building

Developing a cohesive and healthy organisational culture can have a profound impact on business results. These are some of the learning experiences that we have designed to stimulate awareness of the cultural diversity present at the workplace. We help organisations develop safe, people-centric, collaborative workplace cultures that are aligned that their organisational values.

Powerful, outcome focused modules designed to engage learners and deliver key learning outcomes


A tribal-themed experience where participants are immersed in a culture that is vastly different from their own. They gain awareness on personal biases and level of acceptance towards others who may be diverse from them. They discover how their perceptions may lead to conflict and misunderstandings and learn how to better adapt to diversity.

Albatross 1
Albatross 2

Count on Me

Two interactive and hands-on learning activities designed to impart the value of teamwork and support in building a strong organisation. Four elements of trust will be elaborated on: Care, Ownership, Respect, and Dependability.

Count on Me
Count on Me 1
Count on Me 2

Poison and Antidote

An interactive board game surfaces poisonous thoughts that hinder openness and out-of-the-box thinking. Participants learn the antidotes and are encouraged to think more openly. They then have the opportunity to apply their learning in a brainstorm activity.

Poison and Antidote 1
Poison and Antidote 2

World of Wonders

A unique exploration of new ideas and possibilities introduces participants to the language of innovation. The goal is to spur innovation mindsets and out-of-the-box thinking. They become mindful of language that hinders innovation at the workplace and replace it with the language of possibility.

World of Wonders 1
World of Wonders 2

Our Co-creation Design Process

Schedule  a consultation

a consultation

Contact us to schedule a chat. We can arrange meet over the phone, video-conference or face-to-face.

Share your business needs

Share your
business needs

Share with our consultants the desired business outcomes or the pain points you would like to address. We will help you get clear about the learning focus.

Curate a first-cut programme

Curate a first-cut

We will work with you to create a programme based on over 60+ developed Learning Experiences, to ensure your learning outcomes can be met in the most engaging way.

Contextualize learning to your business

Contextualize learning
to your business

Our team can contextualise the learning to your industry. We will study your business issues and design a programme that addresses your needs.