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Change Management

Our niche in change management

Organisational change can bring along significant discomfort and uncertainty. There are key skills and mindsets that can allow us to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that change brings. These are some of the learning experiences that we have designed to build resilience, learning agility and confidence in times of change. Leaders develop people-centric, relational approach to helping staff embrace change.

Powerful, outcome focused modules designed to engage learners and deliver key learning outcomes

Gourmet on the Go

Participants cook up a storm, working in small groups on a gourmet challenge designed to heighten awareness of thoughts and emotions experienced both as individuals and as a team. The participants learn their personal instinctive responses in times of change and transition, and how this can be managed.

Gourmet on the Go
Gourmet on the Go 1
Gourmet on the Go 2

Win It!

Through high-energy mini-competitions, participants understand the qualities of someone with high resilience. They will identify different change situations that they have previously experienced, reflect and monitor their typical change response, and then take on mini-challenges to build their own resilience.

Win It!
Win It! 1
Win It! 2

Energizer (Core)

Participants learn 3 energy levels that a person chooses to carry and its impact on those around them. The concept of Adversity Quotient and Resilience is introduced as they discover their natural resilience mode and learn strategies to build resilience through strengthening CORE (Control, Ownership, Reach, Endurance). With CORE, participants share a common language as they journey through organizational and personal changes.

Energizer (Core)
Energizer (Core) 1
Energizer (Core) 2

Courageous Conversations

A 10-step process to resolve difficult relational issues. Leaders learn to ask the right questions, and facilitate the uncomfortable but necessary conversations to reach a healthy resolution and achieve breakthrough.

Courageous Conversations
Courageous Conversations 1
Courageous Conversations 2

Our Co-creation Design Process

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Share your
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Curate a first-cut

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Contextualize learning
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