Corporate Training

    We design customised programmes to suit your learning needs

    Over the past 11 years of crafting customised programmes for our clients, we have created more than 60 learning experiences designed to deliver powerful learning outcomes while maximising the engagement levels of learners.

    Through a modular approach to programme design, you can now experience the benefit of customised programmes without having to craft it from scratch.

    Our Co-creation Design Process

    Schedule a consultation

    a consultation

    Contact us to schedule a chat. We can arrange meet over the phone, video-conference or face-to-face.

    Share your business needs

    Share your
    business needs

    Share with our consultants the desired business outcomes or the pain points you would like to address. We will help you get clear about the learning focus.

    Curate a first-cut programme

    Curate a first-cut

    We will work with you to create a programme based on over 60+ developed Learning Experiences, to ensure your learning outcomes can be met in the most engaging way.

    Contextualize learning to your business

    Contextualize learning
    to your business

    Our team can contextualise the learning to your industry. We will study your business issues and design a programme that addresses your needs.

    We provide different formats for a variety of group sizes

    Through this process, our Experience Designers and Curriculum Developers are able to address learning needs in different formats for a variety of group sizes including:

    Small group facilitation

    Small group facilitation

    For senior leaders of 10 to 18 participants



    For small and medium sized groups of 30 - 50 participants

    Learning Carnivals

    Learning Carnivals

    For up to 300 participants at the same time