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Associate Consultant, Learning Facilitator and Trainer

Position Summary


The Associate Consultant, Learning Facilitator and Trainer provides consultancy and advisory services on facilitation solutions and interventions. He/She liaises and collaborates with various stakeholders to understand critical requirements and objectives so as to diagnose workplace performance gaps and evaluate learning opportunities.

He/she is responsible for knowledge and skills transfer by delivering learning content, facilitating group discussions and responding to queries. He/she works in multiple different environments, including different learning venues and client sites, and regularly interacts with digital systems.

He/she is highly adaptable to different environments and has excellent interpersonal, change management and communication skills. He/she is a strong communicator who builds trusted relationships and creates a cooperative and engaging facilitation environment.

He/she is creative, analytical and adept at forming connections. He/she enjoys solving problems, has excellent critical thinking skills, adaptable, and is adept at managing stakeholders, with a strong focus on excellence and maintains impartiality.

The Associate Consultant, Learning Facilitator and Trainer will be responsible for the following:

Assess Performance Needs

• Gather data to determine performance gaps and opportunities for improving performance
• Determine causes of performance gaps and identify requirements to close it
• Recommend both training and non-training interventions to close performance gaps
• Validate next steps, implement measures and access results


Design Intervention (where applicable)

• Determine context requirements for training.
• Research subject matter and plan for designing and developing training
• Develop materials based on analyses of learning objectives and business outcomes and develop prototype of training materials
• Develop content for assessment materials and evaluate transfer of learning


Deliver, Support Transfer of and Evaluate Effectiveness of Intervention

• Ensure training supports desired performance outcomes
• Establish a safe physical or virtual learning environment
• Attend to social and emotional needs of learners
• Demonstrate relevance & credibility as a practitioner of subject matter


Manage stakeholders

• Implement stakeholder management strategies to drive collaboration
• Manage stakeholder expectations and feedback


Manage Programmes

• Communicate and update internally and across departments to ensure alignment
• Deliver intervention milestones on time
• Develop various interventions within budget


Ideal candidate should possess:

• At least a Degree or above in Organisational Psychology, Education or related fields
• ACTA or ACLP certification is a requirement
• Minimum 5-7 years of work experience
• Experienced in handling leadership level programs
• Familiarity in training via Zoom is an advantage
• Comfortable to work in a highly-collaborative and ambiguous work environment
• Able to think critically, including finding connections and synthesizing information
• Open to learn

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit our website before sending your Resume and Employment Application to Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.



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